Character Classes

After a character’s race is chosen, the next step is to select a class. The classes for a Birthright campaign are generally the same as those presented in the PHB, but some special notes and abilities are added for Cerilian characters. In particular, Wizards operate differently in Birthright.


Ability Requirement: STR 9
Prime Requisite: STR
Allowed Races: All
Appropriate Kits: Berserker (Vos), Cavalier, Myrmidon, Noble Warrior, Peasant Hero, Pirate/Outlaw, Swashbuckler.
Fighter regents automatically begin play with 4d6+10 elite bodyguards: 0-level fighters with 1d4+4 hit points each and led by a 1st-level sergeant. These bodyguards are of the same race as the regent and are equipped as detailed in the Regent Bodyguards table:

Table 4: Regent Bodyguards

d100 / Type and Armament
01-40 Heavy Infantry (banded or plate mail, polearm or morning star, sword).
41-60 Medium Cavalry (half plate, shield, lance, sword; medium warhorse with leather barding).
61-90 Archers (breastplate, long bow or crossbow, hand axe or short sword).
91-00 Knights (field plate, lance, mace or flail, sword; heavy warhorse with chain barding).

Character Classes

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