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Dropcap_T.pngHE armies of the Shadow, Azrai, aided by the Vos nomads, goblin-kind, and the Elves, pushed into Cerilia, destroying everything they encountered. Anuirean, Rjuven, Brecht, Basarji and Masetian kings had no choice but to set aside their petty squabbles and unite. The greatest force of Men ever seen met the Shadow’s forces in bloody warfare, but despite their heroic efforts, the forces of evil overwhelmed them. The gods, seeing Azrai’s final victory within his grasp, gathered their chosen champions at the foot of Mount Deismaar. In this epic, final battle, the Elven generals, having realized his deception of their people, rebelled against their dark liege. Haelyn, champion of Anduiras and the Anuireans, stepped forward to battle the most powerful of Azrai’s champions – his own brother, Raesene the Black Prince. The gods themselves took physical form in the skies above the mountain, pouring their divine energies into the effort to destroy the shadow that had fallen across Cerilia.

The heavens shook; the earth quaked. All was chaos. Mount Deismaar exploded.

The old gods’ champions ascended to take their place in heaven, and in the centuries that followed, the bloodlines of those who survived the battle carried on their legacies, even to the present generation.

Divine power flows through the blood of these scions, whose right to rule is recognized by all…and coveted by many. It is said that a man may claim this power for himself, be he bold or bloodthirsty enough, but Men are not the only ones who seek out those of the Blood.

The Baron Is Dead – Long Live the Baron

The Black Baron of Roesone has died. His heir, Maen, the descendant of three generations of hardened warriors, is a poet. He and his closest advisors and companions find themselves surrounded by uncertain allies and dangerous enemies. Plots and intrigues creep through the halls of Roesone’s court at Blacktower, and none know what powers may even now be moving against them from the shadows. It will take strength, courage, and determination to keep Maen’s crown upon his brow – and his head upon his shoulders.

About This Game

This is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition game set in the world of Birthright. It is being run via Google Hangouts between old friends who are currently prevented by geography from meeting to play at the same table. We’re not currently accepting new players.

The rules of the game can be found at most major bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon, in special reprint editions; otherwise, the rules can be found for free online at Purple Worm. Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast have yet to make PDFs of the 2nd Edition rulebooks available, though many Birthright books and other old TSR PDFs are currently available at DnDClassics.

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